2019 SAY Soccer (children born 1/1/2005 – 7/31/2013)

Passers birth year 2011/2012 and born 1/1/2013-7/31/2013, ball size 3, boy team and girl team (if enough players; otherwise co-ed)
Wings birth year 2009/2010, ball size 4, boy team and girl team (if enough players; otherwise co-ed)
Strikers birth year 2007/2008, ball size 4, co-ed team
Kickers birth year 2005/2006, ball size 5, co-ed team

SAY teams begin practice at the beginning of August. They have 2-3 practices per week before the season starts in late August, typically 1-2 weeknight practices (Monday, Tuesday or Thursday + Saturday), then typically once per week after that. The practices are scheduled by the coach(es) and vary depending on their schedule, field availability and game schedules.

SAY games are typically one weekday (Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, starting at 6pm or so) and one Saturday morning. The schedules are released mid-August, so exact game dates/times won’t be known until then.

All SAY teams play five home (at Massie Creek Park) and five away games during the late August – October season. After this regular season schedule is completed, the teams then participate in the mid-October tournament for the entire Kittyhawk league, with the opportunity to continue on to compete in the state tournament in Cincinnati.

Dribblers – ages 4-5, ball size 3, coed teams

The Dribblers, for children born 8/1/2013 – 7/31/2015, have one practice and that is the first meeting where parents meet the coaches, hand out the uniforms, have snack sign ups, and do a few basic soccer drills/activities. That initial practice is usually a Saturday and then from there we only have games which last approx 30 minutes. On week nights the games are usually from 6:30-7:00pm or 7:00-7:30pm and some Saturday games from 11:00-11:30am and 11:30-12:00am.

There is one game that is later in the evening when they play at the half time of a Cedarville University women’s soccer game. The program is coached by volunteers from the Cedarville University men’s soccer team. Once their schedule is set, the Dribblers coordinate will make the game schedule. That usually happens end of July/first week of August.